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We use several ways to communicate with you.


The school office is situated in the Administration Block at the top of the driveway.  Any general enquiries are to be directed through the office manager. The office is open from 8.15am – noon, 12.30pm until 3.15pm.

The office manager’s email is office@stjohnsgirls.school.nz.  The answer phone will usually be on until 8.30am, at interval and from 12 – 12.30pm.

Absences – you can phone or email the office or leave a message on the answer phone.

AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR, you will receive a pack of information including a School Handbook that has a lot of information in it.  Some of this is also on the website.

The Meet the Teacher night is usually held in the first two weeks of school.  This evening is so you can meet the teacher and hear about their routines and expectations.


Reports are sent home twice a year, at the end of terms 2 and 4.  Interviews are held in the middle of term 1 and at the end of term 2, a week after the report has gone out.


Each teacher sends out a class newsletter to the parents of the children in the class, at the beginning of each term telling you about the routines, programme, events for that term.

School newsletters are emailed home on alternate Fridays. No hard copies are sent.  The newsletter is also put on the website. Sports information is no longer in the newsletter.  It is on the St John’s Sporty NZ website.


We also email notices to ensure everyone knows what is happening.  These may be important notices that we want everyone to know about, about events, last minute changes, sports postponements etc.


Sports registrations are accepted online, via the Sporty NZ mobile/device App or through our school website which directs you to the Sporty NZ site.  Sport details and sporting information is updated throughout the year as we receive them from the sporting codes. 

To register your daughter/s simply download the free ‘Sporty NZ’ App from your relevant App store, find St John’s Girls’ School and go to ‘registrations’. If you have trouble finding us, search John’s and scroll down until you find St John’s Girls’ School.

If you are wanting to register from your computer, you can go to our St John’s Girls’ School website www.stjohnsgirls.school.nz and click on ‘After School Sports’.

There are no sports entry or affiliation charges to pay, for extra curricula sport organised by the school. This is part of the school BOT donation.

If you have any questions regarding the sports on offer or the registration process, please feel free to email Fiona Smith, our Sports Coordinator, sports@stjohnsgirls.school.nz.

If you have a concern or a query, in the first instance, contact the coach.  If the query is of a general nature, contact our sports coordinator Mrs Smith; sports@stjohnsgirls.school.nz

Cancellations are sent out via Sporty NZ so it is important that you register.  Emails are sent as a back-up.


We use Facebook for photos, advertising events, to communicate last minute sports cancellations (until we get all parents using School Stream) and items of interest. Search – St John’s Girls’ Facebook and if you have a Facebook account, hit ‘like’ to receive notice of new entries.  You don’t need to have a Facebook account to view the page.


Email is a fabulous tool for communicating information.  We use it all the time. You can email teachers/office for absences or messages, but please, not urgent ones, such as that days after school arrangements.

Teachers often do not have time or the opportunity to check their emails during the day so if you have an urgent message, please phone the school office so it is not over looked.

Staff are not expected to reply to emails in their personal time.  It is likely that you may not receive a reply until the next day or even later, depending on the urgency of the matter.


At the beginning of the year, once the office manager has all of the new email addresses, we will share the school Google calendar with you so you know what is on and when, and if there are any changes.


We are beginning to use this but we are in the early stages.  We recommend you download it so we can use it for emergencies and for late notifications of sports cancellations but need all parents to sign up for it.  It is free. Schools that do use, speak highly of it.

The instructions for downloading it are below:


  1. From your mobile device, go to the App store and search for School Stream.
  2. Tap the FREE/GET button to the right of the School Stream listing.
  3. Tap INSTALL.
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password and tap OK.
  5. Wait for the install icon to change to OPEN.
  6. Tap the OPEN button.
  7. You will be prompted to accept push notifications.  Select OK.
  8. Start typing your school into the search then select your school.


  1. From your mobile device, go to the Play Store.  Search for School Stream.
  2. Tap the School Stream listing.
  3. Tap the INSTALL button.
  4. Tap the ACCEPT button.
  5. Wait for the App to install then tap the OPEN button.
  6. Start typing your school into the search, then select your school.
  7. Tap the DONE button in the top left.

How we communicate is constantly changing as new tools become available.