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Inspire students to

  • Achieve to their full potential in all areas of school life
  • Be motivated learners who are proud of their achievements
  • Be analytical and creative problem solvers
  • Have well developed interpersonal skills
  • Have self-belief
  • Be active participants in school life and be proud to belong to St John’s Girls’ School
  • Know themselves as learners and who have a love of learning

Support teachers to

  • Provide challenging and relevant learning experiences to ensure significant, individualised learning based on high quality achievement information
  • Provide a positive, encouraging learning environment with high expectations
  • Explicitly teach skills
  • Provide regular, constructive feedback and feed forward
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement
  • Share knowledge and expertise, and support their colleagues
  • Ensure positive relationships with all students, parents and colleagues
  • Provide scaffolding to allow the students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning
  • Encourage, model and explore the school’s values and those of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC)

Create programmes which

  • Are based on the New Zealand Curriculum and are underpinned by the vision, principles, values and key competencies
  • Provide a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy
  • Are relevant and stimulating
  • Integrate digital technologies which facilitate higher order thinking
  • Develop the Arts; speech, drama, dance, visual art and music
  • Explore the school values – KIPRRR – Kindness, Integrity, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience
  • Reflect the Special Character of St John’s Girls’ School
  • Integrate Te Reo and tikanga
  • Encourage awareness of environmental issues
  • Provide a variety of learning experiences, aimed at depth of understanding rather than breadth of coverage
  • Support less able learners and provide extension for the able
  • Encourage independence and ownership of learning
  • Support students to develop the key competencies as outlined in the NZC
  • Foster an appreciation of cultural diversity

Foster an environment which

  • Reflects Christian and school values
  • Is friendly with positive, courteous relationships
  • Is structured and safe where positive behaviour is celebrated
  • Embraces diversity

Encourage parents/caregivers who

  • Show an active interest in their daughter’s learning
  • Respect the professional knowledge and skills of the principal and staff
  • Contribute to the school community

Attract Board Members who

  • Govern strategically to ensure success for all girls
  • Respect the confidentiality of information
  • Value the professional knowledge of the staff trustee and the principal
  • Work as a team for the benefit of every pupil and staff member
  • Protect the school’s special character